Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hi everyone!

Here is Fabi and today I came with a mixed media canvas to show that we can also use our sentiment stamps for different arts :)

I used a plain heavy cardstock and glue it onto a box lid...just to have a more hard surface to work with. Covered it with gesso and started glueing several itens using a hot gun.

You can use anything from buttons to toys pieces lol. Its fun and helps to get our mojo flowing.
When you think its enough, you cover everything with gesso again. Then to add color you spray with your favorite mist.
To finish it I applied metallic wax over some parts and the final touch was to stamp several different sentiments, without minding if the stamped words were not perfect. Its ok if it smear a bit...the idea is just to add some contrast color, but using some cool fonts as we have in our sentiments :)

For this canvas I used stamps from the Vintage Affections Release 2.

Here a close up of the canvas and another close up, of the stamped sentiment.

Hope you like it and also try to use your stamps in different ways!


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