Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Luvin'...had me a blast!

Spread the Word!  Spread the Joy!  Spread the Luv!

Say Hello to Summer with Little Darlings Rubber Stamps!!!

Join us in a fun Blog Hop celebrating our brand new

 Candibean "Summer Luvin" 2014 Collection!!!


 There are 7 adorable new CandiBean images, reminiscent of warm summer days and fun in the sun!

This entire collection will warm your heart and inspire you to remember old memories, as well as create new ones, with friends and family.  We are excited and overjoyed to bring this new collection to you.  And we are thrilled to FINALLY let you all in on a little secret that has been so tough to keep under wraps!!!

Wait for it....WAIT FOR IT........


 Your stamps will arrive neatly packed in a hanging clear bag, with a full color image on the front and the foam backed, contour cut, warm grey stamp in the back.

Each stamp has a black and white printed image on the cling foam.  The closeup shows the deep etched warm grey rubber and the cling foam backing.  Each stamp also comes with its own reusable plastic cover for use when storing your stamp.

And guess what else?????......


And, that's not all... now YOU have a chance to win the
 Entire 'Summer Luvin' Collection!


Get ready to play in our PUZZLE FUN BLOG HOP!  

We have planted four puzzle pieces somewhere on our 
design team blogs listed below.  Each of the puzzle pieces
 features a tiny part of four different images
 from the "Summer Luvin" collection.  

  Here is what you need to do:

             1. Visit each of the Design Team blogs (scroll down).

             2.  On only four of the blogs, a puzzle piece will be planted. 
       3. Your job is to identify which four images match each of the four puzzle pieces!

       4. When you can identify all four images by name, leave a comment BELOW listing the four names of the images.  

If you guess match all puzzle pieces correctly
you could be one of our THREE lucky winners
who will be randomly selected from the 
comments below to win...
The Entire CandiBean"Summer Luvin" Collection
 (over $75 retail value)
A $30 Merchandise Voucher
to the Little Darlings Rubber Stamps Store

A $15 Merchandise Voucher
to the Little Darlings Rubber Stamps Store


First up is Diane Carubia, the illustrator and creator of CandiBean!!!

   My name is Diane Carubia and I am the illustrator behind Candibean. I live on a small peninsula in the UK called The Wirral which is about 12 miles from Liverpool, I am married with two teenage children.
Many moons ago I gained a Diploma in Graphics and photography at college, I always wanted to study children’s illustration but I was told I was not good enough for that. If only I hadn’t taken their advice!! I then went on to study for a degree in Orthoptics, I now have a part time job taking Retinal photographs.
My love of card making came quite later on and after buying a kit for my daughter, I was hooked!! Around that time I could not find stamps that I wanted so I started illustrating images for myself, this has now grown and being part of the Little Darlings Team is all I ever dreamed of. My images in rubber and being shipped around the world, who could ask for more!  I hope you love colouring the images as much as I love seeing your fabulous creations with them!!   Hugs Di xx

And now continue hopping with our Design Team!

Angie Hunt

Ann Marie Governale

Ruby Montes

Sharon Caudle

Alyce Keegan

Sara Winter

Barbara Grbec Rebersek

Tammy Houghton Cunliffe



Sharman said...

All of the images are fabulous except that Barbara does not have her's up yet and I am assuming that is the last puzzle piece as I only found Blackberry Penny, Koala Bear Hugs and Izzy Kite Time. I will try Barbara later. Being from another country may be why her's is not up yet. Great job on the new set Angie.

jane ayres said...

Blackberry Penny
sunflower daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy Kite Time

wonderful images , beautifully displayed on stunning projects .

love them all , will pop back later and see barbaras as its not up yet

x hugs jane x

Mariska said...

Your new collection is so adorable. And all the samples made by your designers were gorgeous, I'll check on Barbara's later on as well. Thank you so much for a chance to win, my guesses would be: Blackberry Penny, Koala Bear Hugs, Izzy's Kite Time and Sunflower Daisy.


Jennifer Dove said...

What an adorable collection!!!

Blackberry Penny
sunflower daisy
Izzy Kite Time
Koala Bear Hugs

loving the indexing of the new images too!!

Exclusively by Mel said...

Loved that blog hop, great fun! and such a fabulous team.

My answers are
Blackberry Penny
Sunflower Daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy's Kite Time.

Mega cute images!
Love, Mel. xx

Sharman said...

Ok so now I will repost.. Blackberry Penny, Sunflower Daisy, Koala Bear Hugs and Izzy's Kite Time. That is what I get for being the first to post.. Ha Ha... Anyhow, great Blog Hop.....

Gail said...

Angie's blog has the piece from Blackberry Penny; Sharon's blog has a piece from Koala Bear Hugs; Ann Marie's blog has a piece from Sunflower Daisy; and, Alyce's blog has a piece from Izzy's Kite Time. --Gail

Lillian said...

Wow, each of the DT did a most fabulous job on their projects - thanks for sharing them!! Now, one can only wish to be the winner of all these super stamps.
These are my answers to the puzzle pieces:

Sharon - koala bear hugs
Angie - blackberry Penny
AnnMarie - sunflower daisy
Alyce - Izzy's kite time

Thanks for the chance at a prize - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed now !!
Happy Summer to all and time for crafting . . .

JenniferD said...

Love the whole Collection and even more so because there are some Aussie ones! My answers are
Blackberry Penny
Sunflower Daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy's Kite Time

charlene said...

What an adorable collection, the DT did an amazing job show casing them all.
Sharon - koala bear hugs
Angie - blackberry Penny
AnnMarie - sunflower daisy
Alyce - Izzy's kite time

Thanks so much for a chance to win such a great prize.

vinita jain said...

I had such fun seeing the awesome creations of your DTs and Illustrator with this adorable new stamp set.

Blackberry Penny
Sunflower Daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy's Kite Time

Thanks for awe inspiring creations!!!

Messy Mamma said...

What a gorgeous release! They are all fabulous but I think my favourite is Peekaboo! The puzzle pieces are from: Blackberry Penny, Sunflower Daisy, Koala Bear Hugs and Izzy's Kite Time. Thanks for the chance to win! Xo

Mieke Duckers said...

After visiting the amazing blogs with their lovely colored images I found the folowing images:On Angies blog i found
Blackberrie Penny
On Ann Maries blog I found
Sunflower Daisy
Sharon Caudle brought me
Koala Bear Hugs
Alyce Keegan send me
Izzy's Kite Time.
All the new images are lovely!!
Hugs, Mieke

laurigami said...

Hello, I did not know these pads, they are gorgeous.
the blog of the Dt are fabulous
blackberry Penny, sunflower daisy, Koala bear Hugs, Izzy's kite time
thank you

Patty said...

Super sweet new Summer images!! Fabulous hop!! Here are the images from the puzzle pieces.

Blackberry Penny
Sundflower Daisy
Izzy's Kite Time
Koala Bear Hugs

Thanks for the great stamps & opportunity to win!!

Aartje said...

Diane, your card is great. Love all those beuatyfull details and off the image.
Off hopping now.
Hugs Aartje

Aartje said...

Great bloghop with gorgeous images and full of inspiration. Thanks for it,
I found the four puzzle pieces
Angie - blackberry Penny
Ann Marie - sunflower Daisy
Sharon - koala bear hugs
Alyce - Izzy kite time.

Hugs Aartje

Reginella T said...

Nice Blog Hop. So fabulous stamps and beatiful cards. I found Blackberry Penny, Sunflower Daisy, Koala Bear Hugs and Izzy´s Kite Time.

Adnerys Ramirez said...

Hi, It is great to have the opportunitty to participate, so good look to me and everybody.
1. Izzy´s Kite Time
2. Blackberry Penny
3. Sunflower Daysi
4. Koala Bear Hugs

M DelValle said...

Oh, boy.. this is so fun!!! I love puzzles.. :)

M DelValle said...

Angie's blog: Blackberry Penny
Ann Marie blog: Sunflower Daisy
Sharon's blog: Koala Bear Hugs
Alyce blog: Izzys Kite Time

This was fun!!! Lovely images and coloring!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Beachsidelynn said...

Wow, they are delightful stamps. I found Izzy's Kite Time, Blackberry Penny, Sunflower Daisy and Koala Bear Hugs. So cute.

Sandra H said...
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Sandra H said...

Ooooh wow totally stunning is your adorable image your card is so beautiful and your so creative brilliant blog hop and all of the images are so adorable and presented to perfection and here is what l matched the 4 pieces to be
Izzy’s kite time
Blackberry penny
Sunflower daisy
Koala bear hugs
Many thanks xx

Natalie said...

what a cute stamp set! thanks for the chance to win it!
I found at Sharon´s the "Koala Bear Hugs".
at Angie`s the "Blackberry Penny".
over at AnnMarie`s the "Sunflower Daisy" and at Alyce´s blog the "Izzy's Kite Time".

Greetings! Natalie

Taito said...

Love these stamps they are so cute I may have to invest in a few :D

I found the pieces to :)
Blackberry Penny
Sunflower Daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy's Kite Time

I would love to win this, such beautiful stamps and inspiration for the Design Team.

truddabellz said...

This was an extremely fun hop filled with truly amazing projects and cards! I am extremely inspired! As for a chance to be picked for winning this hop, I have found the following clues.....
Blackberry Penny
Sunflower Daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy's kite time

Helena Wilde said...

I love all of the stamps you have. My answer is:
Blackberry Penny
Sunflower Daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy's Kite Time.

I subscribed at all blogs. I realy hope that I am one of the winners. Hugs and greetings from Helena.

linda said...

Blackberry penny
Sunflower daisy
Koala bear hugs
Izzys kite time

Loved seeing the designers blogs subbed to all of them

Carla Silva said...

Such cute stamps
1.kit and clowder puzzle piece: Izzy's Kite Time.
2 ScrapGirl Angie Hunt: Blackberry Penny
3My Eclectic Spirit:Ann Marie Governale: Sunflower Daisy
Gramm'a house of Cards Sharon Caudle: : Koala Bear Hugs

Cynthia said...

Oh Boy! I'm in love with this cute set., so I hope I can win the full set! The puzzle pieces,in order by the blog hop, are: 1) Blackberry Penny, 2) Sunflower Daisy, 3) Koala Bear Hugs, and 4) Izzy's Kite Time.
I love puzzles!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Rhea Weigand said...

Angie - you have Blackberry Penny
Ann Marie - Hi friend :) you have Sunflower Daisy
Sharon - you have Koala Bear Hugs
Alyce - Hi friend :) you have Izzy's Kite

Every single image is to die for!!! It is rare to find a release where I love, love, love ALL the images!

What a beautiful team you have Angie!!!

Gail said...

It sure is nice to read about the artist. Thanks for this short biography. I enjoy knowing about the people who have done the art work for the cards I make. :) --Gail

Nancee Purdum said...

I so love these stamps! They are just all so adorable! Thanks for sharing your talents! :) Nancee

Nancee Purdum said...

Oh what a great blog hop! Some pretty adorable images! Love them all! Such great creations by each of the designers. The stamps are: Blackberry Penny; Sunflower Daisy; Koala Bear Hugs; Izzy's Kite Time.
Thanks for sharing these adorable images! :) Nancee

Isabelle said...

Wow I love this new collection. Would be amazing to win it! I found
Izzy's Kite Time on Alyce Keegan's blog Kit and Clowder, Blackberry Penny on Angie Hunt's blog Scrapgirl blog, SunFlower Daisy on Ann Marie Governale's blog My Electric Spirit blog and fninaly Koala Bear Hug on Sharon Caudle's blog Gramma House of Cards.

Marieke said...

Blackberry Penny - Angie Hunt
Sunflower Daisy - Ann Marie Governale
Koala Bear Hugs - Sharon Caudle
Izzy's Kite Time - Alyce Keegan

Thoose are lovely stamps, i would really like to win them :)

Good luck to everybody!

Angela said...

The new stamps are so wonderfully happy and the colouring by DT members is amazing:)

Izzy's Kite Time - Alyce
Blackberry Penny - Angie
Sunflower Daisy - Ann Marie
Koala Bear Hugs - Sharon

Ina Ftacek said...

My Guesses are Blackberry Penny,Sunflower Daisy,Koala Bear Hugs,and Izzy Kite Time. The new images are wonderful and love cling stamps They are great for favorite is Izzy w the kite and the designers did a fantastic job w their hop and all the eye candy oh my!Thankyou for the giveaway entry

Pam Allen said...

great stamps I love them! thank you for the chance to win this collection. Here are the answers to the puzzle.
Alyce Izzy's kite time
Sharon koala bear hugs
Anna Marie sunflower Daisy
Angie blackberry penny
Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous collection, I love them all. My answers are
Blackberry Penny
Sunflower Daisy
Koala Bear Hugs
Izzy Kite Time
Hugs Julie P